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Marriott Edgar (October 5, 1880 – May 5, 1951) was a British poet, screenwriter, and humorist, best known for writing many of the monologues performed by Stanley Holloway, particularly those in the Albert series. Altogether he wrote sixteen monologues for Stanley Holloway, while Holloway wrote only five.
His full name was George Marriott Edgar, and he was born in Kirkcudbright, Scotland, to Jane Taylor, born in London in 1856, and Richard Horatio Marriott Edgar (1847–1894), the only child of actress Alice Marriott (1824–1900). Edgar was the half brother of the writer Edgar Wallace.
In his beginnings Marriott Edgar worked painting scenes, but from 1907 until his death he was known for his female pantomime characters. During the First World War he served in the Royal Sussex Regiment, and after the war he toured Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In 1929 he joined the cast of the variety show The Co-Optimists and worked with Stanley Holloway. In the early 1930s they went to Hollywood, where Edgar met his half-brother Edgar Wallace. The Lion and Albert is one of Holloway's most popular poems and pieces, one of many he recorded beginning in 1930.
Edgar married Mildred Williams in Brentford in 1904. They had one son, Hindle Edgar (1905–1985), who was an actor.
Marriott Edgar passed away in Battle, England, in 1951.

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