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Mary TallMountain was an american poet and writer. She is the author of 3 poetry books like 'Nine Poems', 'Good Grease' and 'Listen to the Night'. Much of her work follows the themes of spirituality of Native and Christian though, and out connectedness to nature with indigenous beliefs and the difficulties of her own life. Her experience with alcoholism and as a victim of prejudice and child abuse is expressed in the theme of struggle and healing in her work. She started her working career as a legal secretary and began writing around age 50 when she was a contributor to the Native American Renaissance. She eventually owned her own stenography business, which she lost while battling cancer. Her final years were spent in a poor, inner-city neighborhood in San Francisco, where she founded the Tenderloin Women Writers Workshop. She lived in San Francisco until her death in 1994.
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Suddenly I am coyote too, Nose a wet black tremble. Hound and I bunch together Among warm grey bodies Calling our brother home.

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