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Mutsuo Takahashi is a Japanese poet and writer. After graduating from Fukuoka University of Education, He moved to Tokyo in 1962 where He worked for many years in an advertising agency. He became known with his collection of poems, ' Rose Tree, Fake Lovers ' published in 1964. In 1970 He published an autobiography, ' Twelve Views from the Distance '. Takahashi is the author of numerous collections of poems, novels and essays, often around homosexuality. Many of these early works have been translated into English by Hiroaki Sato.
Takahashi is considered as one of the most famous poets and writers of Japan. Around 1975, Takahashi's writing began to explore a wider range of themes, such as the destiny of mankind. Although He has been most visibly active in the realm of free verse poetry, Hee has also written traditional Japanese verse both tanka and haiku poetry, novels, N? and Ky?gen plays, reworkings of ancient Greek dramas and epic poetry, many works of literary criticism, and a libretto for an opera by the contemporary Japanese composer Akira Miyoshi.
He lives in Zushi, in Kanagawa department in Japan.

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