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P. K. Page, (Patricia Kathleen Page) was born on 23 November 1916 and died in 14 January 2010. She was as a canadian poet, novelist and a journalist. She published more than 30 books. By special resolution of the United Nations, in 2001 Page's poem Planet Earth was read simultaneously in New York, the Antarctic, and the South Pacific to celebrate the International Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations. Her early poems were inward-looking, imaginary biographies, which rely heavily on suggestive imagery and the detailed depiction of concrete situations to express social concerns and transcendental themes ... such poems as 'The Stenographers' and 'The Landlady' focus on isolated individuals who futilely search for meaning and a sense of belonging. 'Photos of a Salt Mine' considered one of Page's best early poems, examines how art both conceals and reveals reality.
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