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Peter J.Oszmann is a Hungarian poet born in the early nineteen thirties, where he received most of my education and lived under two extreme tyrannical regimes. Having lived through the Second World War, Hitler’s tyranny, surviving the Holocaust and then living under Stalin's tyranny was a major if unwelcome learning experience, which deeply influenced my life and personal philosophy.
He left Hungary with my wife - a fellow dental student - after the abortive Uprising of 1956, as refugees, settled in England, they completed their professional training there and took British Citizenship. They have two grown up children and four grandsons. He live in South London in the United Kingdom where He was in partnership with my wife in General Dental Practice for over 42 years.
At Christmas of 2003, He retired from professional life, seriously thinking what to do when He finally grow up. He didn't have to think too long before life threw him another unwelcome challenge. After a brave and determined five years’ fight against cancer, his wife and life long partner passed away at home in the early hours of the 15th of August 2007. In despair He decided that the easiest way was to sit down and wait for God… However, a year on He realised that God either forgot about him and begin riting poetry.

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