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Petr Hruška

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Petr Hruška (born 7 June 1964) is a Czech poet, screenwriter, literary critic, academic and literary scholar who lives in Ostrava and works at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. His poetry collections include Obývací nepokoje (Restless Living Rooms, 1995), M?síce (Months, 1998), Vždycky se ty dve?e zavíraly (The Door Always Used to Swing Shut, 2002), Auta vjížd?jí do lodí (The Cars Drive into the Ships, 2007), and Nikde není ?e?eno (Nowhere It Is Said, 2018). In 2013, he won the State Award for Literature in recognition of his collection Darmata (To No Travail, 2012). He has said of his poetry: “I think that real grace and erotic love appear only where all the gloominess, stress, and weariness of life are in some sense present as well, all the ‘loneliness of relationships.’ Only in their midst can a tenuous thread of light shine, containing all the fateful nearness of which two people are capable.” Collections of his poetry have been published in German, Polish, Italian, Hungarian, and Slovenian translation.
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