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A selection of the most iconic poems about men and his nature written by great poets from all over the world. But how have poets tended to approach manhood, masculinity, and what it is to be a man really? Here are some of the best poems discussed on men and related themes. In past centuries, poetry was part of a gentleman's formal education. Today, we are taught poetry in school, but because it is imposed on us, we reject it. We pretend poetry is not for men because poetry is emotional, and as men we are told from an early age that emotions are not for us. For this reason and with the crazy technological development of the world, poetry can be difficult to approach for the modern man considering the fact that we have other forms of entertainment which are more accessible. But the truth, modern man needs to read and approach poetry more. Reading poetry, especially ancient poetry, can help modern man better engage with the world around him.
Masculinity poetry emerged as a class of literary criticism only in the past few years, though the Men's movement and masculinity studies overall took root fifteen to twenty years ago. A revolutionary, gender-based class of literary criticism now demands a further exploration of masculinity in literature. Indeed, this essential companion to feminist criticism is long over-due . As the roles of women in poetry and literature have changed, so too have the roles of men. Feminist criticism broke the flood gates and forced a re-examination of gender, but masculinity in poetry and literature can help more fully explore the changing roles and feelings of men.

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