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Raza Ali Hasan is a pakistani american poet and writer. In a 2006 interview with the Syracuse Daily Orange, Hasan noted, “I am not interested in protest poetry or activist poetry. My aim is to draw a more accurate, full picture of the world. In order to have the whole picture, you need to bring the whole world in.” In a 2009 In Stereo Press review of 67 mogul miniatures, critic Daniel Dissinger observed, “With his use of violent imagery, mixed with sheer poetic artistry, Raza Ali Hasan constructs a sprawling world that fits in the palm of your hand.” Hasan’s poetry addresses political and cultural themes with imagery both sharply focused and set within a moving, unstable field. Hasan has published many poetry collections include Grieving Shias (2006) and 67 mogul miniatures (2008), which loosely adapt traditional Urdu poet Mohammad Iqbal’s formal structure of musaddas, sets of three rhyming couplets containing a complaint addressed to God, followed by God’s reply.

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