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Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt, born August 11, 1836 on a plantation near Lexington in Fayette County, Kentucky and died December 22, 1919 in Caldwell, New Jersey, was an American poet who published 160 poems, in various newspapers, usually under the pen name Sally M. Bryan, before they were published in poetry books. In the late 1850s, Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt resumed her literary activity by composing several poems a week which were published in magazines and journals like The Atlantic, Harper's Magazine, Overland Monthly, Scribner's Magazine, The Century Magazine. During this period, she published the book of poems The Nests at Washington, and Other Poems in 1864 with her husband. Her first two collections of poems were published A Woman's Poems in 1871 and A Voyage to the Fortunate Isles and Other Poems in 1874. A Woman’s Poems, praised by William Dean Howells, among others, was one of five collections she published before moving to Ireland with her family in 1882, the others being A Voyage to the Fortunate Isles (1874), That New World, and Other Poems (1877), Poems in Company with Children (1877), and Dramatic Persons and Moods (1880).
While in Ireland, Piatt not only moved among English and Irish literary circles. She also published several slim volumes of poems that situated themselves plainly in the Irish landscape even as they traded on her Americanness: An Irish Garland (1885), In Primrose Time: A New Irish Garland (1886), Mrs Piatt's Select Poems (1886), Child's-World Ballads: Three Little Emigrants, a Romance of Cork Harbor, etc (1887), The Witch In The Glass, etc (1889), An Irish Wildflower (1891), An Enchanted Castle, and Other Poems (1893) and Poems (1894).
After the death of her husband in February 1917, Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt moved to Caldwell to live with her son Cecil, she died two years later at the age of 83 from pneumonia.

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