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Sidney Godolphin, 14 January 1610 (baptized) 8 February 1643, was a Cornish minor poet and courtier who sat in the House of Commons between 1628 and 1643. He served in the Royalist army during the First English Civil War and was killed in a skirmish near Chagford in Devon on February 8, 1643. Godolphin left poems which were never collected in a separate volume. The Passion of Dido for AEneas, as it is incomparably expressed in the fourth book of Virgil, finished by Edmund Waller, was published in 1658 and 1679, and is in the fourth volume of Dryden's Miscellany Poems. He was one of certain persons of quality whose translation of Pierre Corneille's The La Mort de Pompée was published in 1664. A song is in George Ellis's Specimens of the Early English Poets, and another in the Tixall Poetry. His elegy on John Donne was included in the second edition of the poet's collected poetry (1635) and commendatory verses by him are prefixed to Sandys's Paraphrase (1638), and an Epitaph upon the Lady Rich is in John Gauden's Funerals made Cordial (1658).
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