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Thomas Hood, (London, May 23, 1799 - St. John's Wood, London, May 3, 1845) was an English poet. He was born in London, in the City of London, the son of a publisher of Scottish origin, studied Engraving, ran the London Magazine second. Writes collections of poems which have a great success. Due to a precarious financial situation and numerous health problems, he died on May 3, 1845. Thomas Hood was especially appreciated for his comic and satirical verses, made of puns and misunderstandings. However, the moving and profound verses he wrote before he died remain today among his masterpieces: The Song of the Shirt (1843), The Bridge of Sighs (1844). It is from this last poem that came the famous phrase Any where out of the world (with this spelling), quoted by Poe in The Poetic Principle and taken as the title of one of Baudelaire's prose poems, which translated "The Bridge of Sighs" in April 1865.
He died in St. John's Wood in London in 1845.

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