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Sir Thomas Wyatt (born 1503 at Allington Castle, Maidstone, Kent, and died in October 11, 1542 in London) was an English poet and diplomat. Wyatt came from the nobility and served at the court of Henry VIII, who sent him on a diplomatic mission to Italy in 1527. Wyatt was temporarily imprisoned there, but he was able to familiarize himself with Italian Renaissance poetry. Wyatt was of a violent temper. According to rumors, he was Anne Boleyn's lover before and after her wedding to Heinrich. For many performers this finds a literary expression in the sonnet Whose list to hunt.
Wyatt translated Plutarch (published 1528) and wrote Certayne Psalms, a collection of poems that appeared posthumously in 1549. Other poems attributed to Wyatt appeared in a collection of several writers in 1557 under the title Tottel's Miscellany or Songs and Sonnets. Wyatt is considered to be the creator of the English sonnet in the style of Francesco Petrarch together with Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. Some of his poems are completely free of any outside influence, in others he uses the canzoniere as a template, but gives the poems his own character by transferring the templates to life at the court of Henry VIII.

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