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Tony Hoagland, a widely admired poet who could be both humorous and heartfelt, was an american poet. A famous Houston poet, Hoagland has died after long battle with cancer at 64. Hoagland’s poetry is known for its acerbic, witty take on contemporary life and straight talk, in the words of New York Times reviewer Dwight Garner: At his frequent best … Hoagland is demonically in touch with the American demotic. I’m proud to be a funny poet, Hoagland said. Humor in poetry is even better than beauty. If you could have it all, you would, but humor is better than beauty because it doesn’t put people to sleep. It wakes them up and relaxes them at the same time. He also liked jarring juxtapositions, and he wasn’t afraid to throw pop-culture references into his poems.
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