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Attila József

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Attila József was a great hungarian poet of the 20th century. Attila József is the best known of the modern Hungarian poets internationally. His poems have been translated into many languages and he is taught in world literature classes around the globe. With the help of a maecenas, Lajos Hatvany, he acquired a good education in Austria (1925) and Paris (1926–27), where he studied French literature and discovered the work of François Villon, the famous poet and thief from the 15th-century. Hailed during the communist era of the 1950s as Hungary's great proletarian poet, his life, personality, and works are now being re-evaluated with the current celebrations of the centenary of his birth. Here are some of his most popular poems to be read.
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His most famous love poem, Óda (Ode), from 1933 took the reader for a journey around and inside the body of the beloved woman.

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