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Denis James Matthews Glover (9 December 1912 – 9 August 1980) was a New Zealand poet and publisher. Well known for his leftist views, he often got into trouble with the authorities. In 1935 he founded the Caxton Press, which he used to encourage a less romantic style of poetry in New Zealand than was published before that date. His work in his company was interrupted to serve in the Navy during World War II, where he attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander and received the Distinguished Service Cross for bravery.
His best-known works are the Sings Harry series, Arawata Bill and The Magpies. The latter's refrain (Quardle Oodle Ardle Wardle doodle, imitates the sound of the Australian magpie) is one of the most famous lines of New Zealand poetry.
Playwright Roger Hall wrote a play called Mr. Punch about Glover's life. Douglas Lilburn set some of his poems to music, and later used a theme from Harry Sings in his Third Symphony.

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