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John Sibley Williams

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John Sibley Williams is an American poet, educator, and literary agent. He is the author of nine poetry collections, including As One Fire Consumes Another (Orison Poetry Prize, 2019), Skin Memory (Backwaters Prize, University of Nebraska Press, 2019), Disinheritance, and Controlled Hallucinations. A nineteen-time Pushcart nominee, John is the winner of numerous awards, including the Wabash Prize for Poetry, Philip Booth Award, American Literary Review Poetry Contest, Phyllis Smart-Young Prize, Nancy D. Hargrove Editors’ Prize, Confrontation Poetry Prize, and Laux/Millar Prize. A seven-time Pushcart nominee and winner of various awards, John serves as editor of The Inflectionist Review. His work has appeared in over 500 journals, including The Yale Review, Southern Review, Colorado Review, Prairie Schooner, The Massachusetts Review, Midwest Quarterly, Poetry Northwest, Atlanta Review, Third Coast, RHINO, and various anthologies.
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