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Pedro Julio Mir Valentín (June 3, 1913 – July 11, 2000) is one of the main poets and writers of the Dominican Republic. He was one of the members of the independent poets of the 1940s generation of Dominican poetry. He published several volumes of poetry like Six moments of hope (1953), Poems of Good Love and Sometimes of Fantasy (1969), Amen of Butterflies (1969), The Great Fire (1969), Trip to the Crowd (1971) and the already quoted Hurricane Neruda (1975). He also published the essays The Great Fire (1969), Opening to Aesthetics (1974) and Foundations of Art Theory and Criticism (1978).
He received the National History Award for his essay The Dominican Roots of the Monroe Doctrine (1974), and the Annual Poetry Award for his long poem El Hurricane Neruda (1975). In 1984 the Dominican Congress declared him a National Poet, taking into consideration the whole of his work, and in 1993 he won the National Prize for Literature.

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