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Vasko Popa was a famous serbian poet. He wrote in a succinct modernist style that owed much to surrealism and serbian folk traditions and absolutely nothing to the socialist realism that dominated Eastern European literature after World War II. He created a unique poetic language, mostly elliptical, that combines a modern form, often expressed through colloquial speech and common idioms and phrases, with old, oral folk traditions of Serbia – epic and lyric poems, stories, myths, riddles, etc. His poetic achievement - eight volumes of verse written over a period of thirty eight years - has received extensive critical acclaim both in his native land and beyond. He is one of the most translated Serbian poets and at the time he had become one of the most influential World poets. Here is an overview of his best poetry works.
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In The New York Times obituary, the author mentions that the English poet Ted Hughes lauded Popa as an "epic poet" with a "vast vision".

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