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Ahmos Zu-Bolto (1935-2005) born in Poplarville, Mississippi, was an African-American poet, teacher and activist. He is the author of A Niggered Amen (Solo Press, 1976), a collection of poetry, Ain'T No Spring Chicken (1998), and coeditor of Synergy: D.C. Anthology. He was the founder and editor of HooDoo magazine, and has taught fiction and folklore at the Galveston Arts Center, Xavier University, Delgado College, and was Tulane University's first Writer-in-Residence. In addition to his poetry, Zu-Bolton wrote several plays, including The Widow Paris: A Folklore of Marie Laveau, The Funeral, Family Reunion, and The Break-In.
For several years he operated his own publishing firm, Energy Earth Communications. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and in the anthologies Giant Talk, Mississippi Writers: Reflections of Childhood and Youth, Vol. III, and Black Southern Voices: An Anthology of Fiction Poetry, Drama, NonFiction, and Critical Essays (1992). In addition to operating a community bookstore, ZuBolton frequently writes for the Louisiana Weekly.

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