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To pay tribute to a lost person in a memorial service while you are grieving, you need to choose and read the right and best poems for funerals to not be forced to write your own eulogies like many famous poets did throughout history. Funerals are particular affecting moments which echoes continue to haunt our memories and thoughts all our life. To find the best poem that can express your sad feelings and mirrors them to the person who passed away, you need to have a complete different look to yourself and the world and also have a new consciousness that our lives will not stay eternally. Some poets wrote many powerful funeral poems and verse lamenting lost persons in their funeral ceremonies whether it was religious or not like Ginsberg great poem Kaddish, the Eulegiac of John Donne and many others by Whitman, Auden, Lowell, Yeats. Oprah Winfrey in the memorial service of Maya Angelou fought back tears reading Statement after her death a poignant funeral reading. She taught me the poetry of courage and respect, she said. Here are some famous poems for funerals, traditional and contemporary ones as well as some submitted by readers like you. We hope you will find an appropriate poem, reading or prayer in this selection.

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