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Ingeborg Bachmann (June 25, 1926 in Klagenfurt – October 17, 1973 in Rome) pseudonym Ruth Keller, was an Austrian poet and writer. She is considered one of the most important German-speaking poets and prose writers of the 20th century. The Ingeborg Bachmann Prize has been awarded annually in her honor since 1977. Her literary debut took place during a reading at Group 47. She has since become a shining star of German-language literature. In 1953, at the age of 27, she received the literary prize of the Group 47 for the collection of poems The graced Time (Die gestundete Zeit). Ingeborg Bachmann's work constitutes a whole without borders, where poetry and prose interpenetrate and whose main theme is the search for truth. Through her poems, she seeks, in accordance with the objective of Groupe 47, to renew language: one cannot build “a new world without a new language”. In 1964, the prestigious Georg-Büchner Prize was awarded to her. Ingeborg published her first novel Malina in 1971. It will become the first volume of the tetralogy Kinds of Death (Todesarten) and will be the last work published during her lifetime. This novel, acclaimed by critics, was intended to be the first part of a series based on a real effort of feminine renewal of the language.
On October 17, 1973, Ingeborg Bachmann was found dead following a fire in her hotel room in Rome. If the thesis of the accident remains the most probable, that of suicide is also considered.

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