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John Moultrie was an English poet, clergyman and hymn-writer. In 1837 Moultrie issued a collection of his poems, which were favourably reviewed both in the Quarterly Review and the Edinburgh Review In 1843 he published 'The Dream of Life; Lays of the English Church and other Poems.' It is an autobiographical meditation in verse. In 1854, his last volume of verse appeared, 'Altars, Hearths, and Graves.' Among its contents is the 'Three Minstrels,' giving an account of Moultrie's meetings, on different occasions, with Wordsworth, Coleridge and Tennyson. In his later work Moultrie became the writer of much blank verse of a conscientious and explanatory type. He also wrote a number of hymns, on special subjects. Most of them are in Benjamin Hall Kennedy's Hymnologia Christiana, 1863.
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