"there's something about taking a shower at dusk that I love. Something about going into the shower when it's still light and then coming out when it's dark: it's like being reborn. You're cleansed. I bet Jesus would have loved a shower at dusk."

• Joe DeMarco

At Play in the Killing Fields

Now is history as fast as the mind remembers.

• Kirby Wright

With solitude comes freedom.

• Amy Cavanaugh

Challenge is an invitation to success.

• Jose B. Cabajar

"Poetry is not just a combination of suprising phrases or words, It is the combination of our emotions and feelings with words."

• Nikhil Jain

"We never believe anything we don't want to, we see what we want to see."

• Joe DeMarco


"Don't mistake my passion for anger."

• Joe DeMarco


"Shoes are prisons for the feet."

• Joe DeMarco

The 4 Hundred and 20 Assassins of Emir Abdullah-Harazins

I am torn into pieces and
stitched with threads of hope.

• Yaseen Anwer

If we would compete in goodness as we do in Mischief
Today the Angels would serve us in Diamond goblets on Crystalline tray

• Fahredin Shehu

Fahredin Shehu

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