"Just as man learned to integrate races, we must also learn to integrate religions."


Blind Savior, False Prophet

Over-reaction is a private folklore. A very personal idiosyncrasy that you share unintentionnally every day and that most of the time people do not understand.

It's easy not to hate. The less you see people, the less you hate - until you're left all to yourself.

T. Wignesan, 27 December 2011

"[...] of course we should try to make things better, insofar as it lies within our power. But we should probably not try to make things perfect, especially not ourselves, for that path leads to mass graves.

For the first time I realized adults could back themselves into corners so remote that love, or its memory, could no longer reach them.

MOLOKA'I NUI AHINA, Summers on the Lonely Isle

"there's something about taking a shower at dusk that I love. Something about going into the shower when it's still light and then coming out when it's dark: it's like being reborn. You're cleansed. I bet Jesus would have loved a shower at dusk."

At Play in the Killing Fields

Now is history as fast as the mind remembers.

With solitude comes freedom.

Challenge is an invitation to success.

"Poetry is not just a combination of suprising phrases or words, It is the combination of our emotions and feelings with words."

"We never believe anything we don't want to, we see what we want to see."


"Don't mistake my passion for anger."


"Shoes are prisons for the feet."

The 4 Hundred and 20 Assassins of Emir Abdullah-Harazins

I am torn into pieces and
stitched with threads of hope.

If we would compete in goodness as we do in Mischief
Today the Angels would serve us in Diamond goblets on Crystalline tray

Fahredin Shehu

We lack terrestrial vocabulary for the Celestial quest

Fahredin Shehu

I do consider my engaged poetry as a personal mission, a duty towards a society which evolves into a system of control of consciences: one even becomes a suspect for not thinking correctly !

Letteratour (29 November 2004)

If ever my hand will raise to your face, it would be just to wipe your tears.

“I wonder how they found their soulmates
From among a crowd so big
In a world so wide”

"All joys amount to empty valves, It’s like you enjoyed too much,And in the end you’re left with nothing."

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